Johnson Silver Minnow 2 1/2″ 1/2 Oz

  • Johnson Silver Minnow 2
  • silver minnow silver 22
  • silver minnow silver 2
  • silver minnow FT
  • silver minnow fod 2
  • silverr minnow nickel blue 2


Johnson Silver Minnow comes in a selection of colors to help you catch the biggest fish!


Johnson Silver Minnow spoon is the weedless wonder that will come up clean and weed free every time. The most versatile and successful lure ever made, the legendary Johnson silver minnow is a tackle box standard. It casts a mile, is unstoppable in slop and it won’t twist your line.

Catches anything that swims, can be trolled or jigged or just twitched on the bottom. Patented 35 degree wobble. Rocks back and forth, but won’t roll and twist line.


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