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Bergara Premier Series MG Lite .308 22″BBL Rifle (BPR37-308)


Bergara Premier Series MG Lite features a two position safety is part of the trigger assembly, which is a TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology trigger.

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New for 2022, the Bergara Premier Series MG Lite Rifle delivers excellent long-range performance in a lightweight package. One of the MG Lite’s more notable aspects is its advanced CURE Carbon Fiber Barrel with Coldbore Technology. The CURE barrel is composed of a Bergara Precision Barrel at the core, surrounded by a combination of thermally conductive resin and anti-torsion carbon fiber with integrated stainless steel threads.

This construction results in a barrel that’s highly straight, rigid, and lightweight. The use of thermally conductive resin and stainless steel threads also helps dissipate the heat generated from multiple shots, which in turn greatly enhances overall accuracy.

The Bergara Premier Series also sports the XLR Element 4.0 magnesium chassis, an ultra-lightweight chassis designed for backcountry hunters. The XLR Element 4.0 is outfitted with a carbon-fiber pistol grip and folding stock that’s adjustable for cheek height. To optimize accuracy, this chassis features an integrated bubble level as well as an RRS 1.5” Arca-Swiss dovetail machined into the fore-end for tripod use.

As with all of Bergara’s Premier Series rifles, the MG Lite is equipped with the Premier action. This utilizes a two-lug system with a separate floating bolt head, which guarantees contact with the lug supports in the action. To ensure the cartridges feed smoothly, the bolt nose is cone shaped, and a spring-loaded sliding plate extractor allows for the reliable ejection of spent brass.

Other features of the MG Lite include a TriggerTech Frictionless Release Trigger and an AICS style magazine. In addition, the MG Lite’s muzzle is threaded with 5/8×24” threads and comes with an Omni Muzzle Brake to mitigate felt recoil.

Bergara Premier Series Features:

  • #6 C6 Carbon Fiber Barrel with Coldbore Technology
  • XLR Magnesium chassis with folding stock
  • Premier Series action
  • TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology
  • AICS Style magazine
  • Omni Muzzle Brake
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Weight 10 lbs
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Bergara Premier Series MG Lite .308 22″BBL Rifle (BPR37-308)

Availability: 1 in stock