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Berkley Slobber Knocker Jig


Berkley Slobber Knocker Jig packs a punch where it matters most to fish.

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Built to outperform any other bladed jig, the Berkley Slobber Knocker Jig combines innovative design and proven Berkley features in one fish catching package. Through exhaustive acoustic and vibrational studies, the Slobberknocker packs a punch where it matters most to fish. The through head design features a durable dowel-eliminating blade break off. Additionally, the Slobberknocker excels at barreling through vegetation and traversing wood or other forms of hard structure. Topped off with a hand tied PowerBait flavored skirt, Fusion19 hook, and intricate color options, we are raising the bar and delivering exactly what anglers need in a bladed jig.

  • Durable through head blade design
  • Hard knocking sound
  • Amplified rolling action
  • Hand tied PowerBait silicone skirt
  • Stout, needle point Fusion19 hook
  • Talon-style keeper locks trailer in place
  • Printed weight for easy identification and selection

Bama Bream, BL Special, FireCraw, Green Pumpkin, Hot Craw, White, White Chartreuse, Herring, Coleslaw, Green Pumpkin Shad, Bruised, Gold Shad, Golden Shiner


1/2oz, 3/8oz

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Berkley Slobber Knocker JigBerkley Slobber Knocker Jig
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