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Clam Jamei Lure XL


The Clam Jamei is a shrimp and bug imitator used for ice fishing. It has a realistic effect with twin tails and side cilia. The Jamei is a match-the-hatch shrimp imitator with bite triggering cilia hair.

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Clam Jamei Lure is the brainchild of Clam pro James Vladyka, the Jamei is a bug and shrimp imitator. “Thread the hook through the main body toward the twin tails,” he says. “Make sure it’s on there straight. Slide it all the way on, so it fishes horizontally, or put it on the hook only far enough that the twin tails face upward.

This gives amazing action.” As with many plastics, a dab of super glue holds it in place and lets you fish harder with less time spent adjusting things.

Clam Jamei Lure Features:

  • Includes eight pieces per bag
  • Match-the-Hatch shrimp imitator
  • Incredible action that cannot be stopped
  • Bite triggering tentacles
  • Small bait that fishes large
  • Super soft hand poured bait
  • Injected with “Maki” Juice
  • Available in eight colors
  • 1 ⅛” length

Chart Glow, Fathead, Glow Red, Motor Oil

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