Costa Hermit Cloth


This innovative cleaning cloth ensures a streak-free shine. Making it the ideal companion for preserving the pristine clarity of your eyewear and camera lenses. Elevate your view and embrace a new standard of cleanliness with Costa Hermit.

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The Costa Hermit Cloth is a gentle microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your glasses clean inside of a convenient blue silicone package.  Always have a lens cloth handy and the world around you clear. We recommend you keep one in your car, another in the boat, RV, backpack, purse or anywhere you wear your glasses. This small but mighty cloth fits snuggly back into its carrying case, thus the name Hermit Cloth.

Costa Hermit Cloth Features: 

  • Branded Silicone Casing
  •  Attached Clasp
  •  Solid Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
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Availability: 5 in stock

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