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Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up Round Orange


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The Frabill Pro-Thermal Tip-Up is one of the best tip-ups around, with a uniquely practical shape and features that set the performance standard. A round tip-up for a round hole. The circular shape and insulating design cover the entire hole up to 10 in. in diameter to prevent freeze-up down to 25 F. below. Pro-Thermal Tip-Up keeps slush and blowing snow out of the hole, and blocks out unnatural light that might spook a shallow water trophy. Each spool shaft is pre-lubed with special “Sub-Zero” lubricant for liquid smooth operation regardless of the temperature. The unique folding spool shaft folds directly into the tip-up base for compact storage. Pro-Thermals round, flat shape makes them easily stackable inside a 5 gallon pail for convenient transport.

The Flag Lock keeps the flag in an upright position and visible regardless of wind conditions. The Trip Bar offers two trip settings, light and heavy. It revolves to show fish movement, and serves as a reel handle to retrieve line. Its patented hook holder keeps hooks and terminal tackle from tangling together. A large bait clip presses the line into the bait clip to hold oversized baits from creating false trips. The line releases off the clip on a strike. The built-in tackle box is extremely handy for extra hooks and accessories. The amazing ice breaker feature automatically removes any accumulated ice around the spool shaft when folded. The line guide stop can be pushed down against the line guide to prevent larger baits from moving the spool. Its easy stow design allows you to stack up to six tip-ups in a five gal. pail.

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