GAMAKATSU Finesse Swivel Shot Octopus Hook Size 2 Pack of 3


The Swivel Shot is an enormous leap forward in drop shot fishing. Sure to maximize angler’s efficiency, increase hook-ups and land trophy-sized bass without the worry posed by conventional drop shot hooks and rigging.

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The Gamakatsu Finesse Swivel Shot Octopus Hook eliminates line twists. Gamakatsu’s produced a revolutionary “Twist Free” design using a premium swivel above the hook.

A super-sharp Gamakatsu offset point Octopus hook is strong enough to winch big bass out of slop. The Easy-Change weight system below the hook improves rigging efficiency and easy leader length adjustments without retying your rig.

  • High quality swivel above the hook to minimize line twist
  • Easy-Change Weight System
  • Nano Smooth Coat finish for stealth presentations and unsurpassed hook penetration
  • Color: Black
  • Hook Size: 2
  • Pack of Three

Pro Shinichi Fukae was instrumental in the development and testing of Gamakatsu’s Swivel Shot and shared that it has been an essential element in his tournament success.

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GAMAKATSU SWIVEL SHOT OCTOPUSGAMAKATSU Finesse Swivel Shot Octopus Hook Size 2 Pack of 3

Availability: 2 in stock

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