Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife

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Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife is lightweight, rugged and reliable! Perfect for use in various situations and everyday carry folding pocket knife!

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Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife: The mid-sized member of Gerber’s Paraframe family is the Paraframe I. Like the other members of this family the 3″ clip-point blade is forged from high-grade surgical stainless steel. The uniquely designed handle is cut from 314 grade stainless steel. Its ergonomic design makes it lightweight and the stainless steel makes it strong-.the best of both worlds.

Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife

  • Technical Specs:
  • Overall Length: 7.01”
  • Length Closed: 4.11”
  • Length of Blade: 3.01”
  • Weight: 2.6 oz
  • Mfg No: 22-48444

It’s a breeze to open. The clip point blade configuration is ideal for cutting in close quarters. Openness rules the day where the handle is concerned there’s more air than metal so it’s quite lightweight and quite easy to keep clean. Clip a Gerber Paraframe Folding Knife into your pocket, and you’re fully equipped to take care of business. Your only challenge is figuring out which one…

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