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Great Lakes Finesse 2.75″ Drop Minnow


Great Lakes Finesse was created by a group of fanatical tournament anglers and fishing industry veterans that couldn’t find high quality finesse-focused baits and terminal tackle that met their needs – so they made it.

Designed in partnership with Travis Manson, the Great Lakes Finesse 2.75″ Drop Minnow is in a league of it’s own.

Extremely versatile – allowing you to drop shot it, Damiki rig it, hop it, swim it, or fish it like a Ned. When dead-sticked on a dropshot or suspended on a jig head the bait will sit perfectly horizontal giving a natural appearance. The smallest amount of movement in the bait will have the tail twitching like crazy.

Great Lakes Finesse 2.75″ Drop Minnow Features:

  • 2.75″ Long
  • Ribbed Body: provides a unique vibration in the water and the thin tail gives incredible lifelike action.

Green Pumpkin Black Flake, Green Pumpkin Purple Flake, Spicy Melon, Crush Shad, Pro Grape

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GREAT LAKES FINESSE DROP MINNOW 2.75" PRO GRAPE GLFDM275-22Great Lakes Finesse 2.75″ Drop Minnow
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