ION Alpha Lithium Auger 40-Volt

  • ION Alpha Lithium Auger
  • ION Alpha Lithium Auger
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ION Alpha Lithium Auger weight under 20lbs with maximized power! Up to 2,000 in. per charge and a 40 volt performance.


The ION Alpha Lithium Auger marks the 3rd generation of Ion electric ice augers, re-imagined from the ground up to re-define high-performance yet again. The 8 in. Ion Alpha utilizes a specially designed Turbo high-speed cutting system, providing a smooth and efficient cut through up to 2000 in. of ice on a single charge. It boasts a category-leading cutting speed of 3.4 in. of ice per second, which is up to 52% faster than the competitIon.

Speed, power, and longevity-all under 20 lbs. The goal of Project Alpha was to design the lightest, smoothest, fastest, and most efficient 40-Volt augers on the market, and with the data to prove it we say, “missIon accomplished”.

  • Weights under 20 lbs. – maximized power and minimized weight, the Ion alpha is the lightest 40-Volt series of augers in the world-as much as 40% lighter than the competition
  • Best-in-class cutting speed – delivers an average cutting speed up to 3.4 IPS (inches per second) based on over 10,000 test holes in varying ice conditions
  • Best-in-class 40-Volt performance – the alpha series offers the best power-to-weight ratio of any electric auger ever made
  • Turbo high-speed cutting system – an aggressive new cutting system that smoothly and efficiently bores through the ice to open new holes, or re-drill old holes with minimal resistance
  • Up to 2000 in. per charge – includes one 4ah Ion gen 3 battery, powering the 8 in. alpha through up to 2000 in. of ice per charge