Leena Lure Elite Unraveler 1/2 Oz Bumble Bee Mnu-1

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Leena Lures ” ELITE URAVELER Spinner Baits were a hit
right off the bat. The first lure built caught a 6 pound largemouth and right
away we said this will be a keeper. Like its cousin, this bait features three
blades, however, the difference is the first two blades are colorado blades
that gives this bait more of a thumping and vibrating feel to it. As is the
case with all “MINNOW STYLE” baits, it features minnow shaped heads,
laser sharp bleeding red hooks, premium silicone skirts, ball bearing swivels
and two colorado blades (silver,gold) and one silver willowleaf blade all in
the fish scale pattern.

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