Moultrie Power Source Y-Splitter Charger Cord


Moultrie Power Source Y-Splitter Charger Cord

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There’s no longer a need for batteries or multiple sets of solar panels or battery boxes. Power your Moultrie game camera and Moultrie Wireless Modem or any two other Moultrie devices with one Moultrie Power Accessory using the Y-Splitter. The Y-Splitter has a 2-foot-long weather resistant shielded wire that connects to either a Moultrie Battery Box or a Moultrie Solar Panel and to two Moultrie Devices to give extended battery life in the field.

Moultrie Power Source Y-Splitter Specifications

  • Powers two Moultrie devices at once
  • 2-foot in length
  • Weather resistant shielded wire
  • Works with Moultrie solar panel or battery box

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