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We won’t tell you where to put your stickers if you don’t tell us where to put ours. Show your Simms affiliation with these unique designs.

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These Simms Sticker show you get one life. Fish It Well.  Show them you’re up for a challenger with a sticker based on a Jake Keeler design or a Simms Original Beer Logo Design.

The Keeler Musky Sticker was designed by Jake Keller, a fly angler and artist living in Minnesota. He takes inspiration from work exploring the intersection of the intangible and instinctual qualities of fly fishing, and the raw power of nature.

 Whether it’s chasing smallmouth in  home rivers of Central Minnesota, exploring spring fed creeks of the Driftless area for trout, or submitting myself to another muskie beatdown, they all inspire and inform my art-making. Find more at

  • Simms Sticker are not eligible for return.

Keeler Musky Sticker, Fish it Well Beer Sticker, Orange Lighting Sicker, Streamer Sticker

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