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Striker Ice Men’s Climate Bibbs


Striker Ice Men’s Climate Bibbs are a premium ice fishing bib! Waterproof and breathable fabric make these comfortable for all day wear.

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The Striker Ice Men’s Climate Bibbs is for those that roam the open ice, always pushing, never stopping. You fear stagnation more than cold, with your enemy being sweat and bulk. Smarter than the rest of the pack, you understand that being cooler keeps you warmer in the long-run. Don’t let the warmth rating of 7 fool you. Our warmth chart is different from the competitor’s charts, so the Predator is still warmer than the best the competition has to offer. That is why the Predator still requires vents for when you are on the move.

The Predator Bibs solve one of the most fundamental problems on ice; staying warm but not too warm. Jackets are easy enough to remove, but your bibs go on early and never come off. The Predator enjoys lighter insulation than the Climate or Hardwater, to keep you more nimble, all with breathable HYDRAPORE to keep you less sweaty and more steady. Zip up the vents and batten down the magnetic storm flaps when temps dip but know that youre in control of your own comfort. Know that you can adapt to the conditions and outlast the cold or beat the heat. And with knee padding that is almost unnoticeable, you can pray to the ice as long as you feel the need.


  • Size 18/2XL
  • 320D Tussor Shell Material
  • Hydrapore 5,000mm/5,000g Waterproof/Breath-ability
  • Sureflote Flotation Assist Technology
  • Insulation: 100g Thermadex
  • Additional Padding in the Seat and Knee
  • Infinite Adjustable Cuff
  • Magnetic Zip Flap Closures
  • Fast Drain Hem
  • Warmth Rating: 7
Weight 7 lbs
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