Wheeler Digital F.A.T Wrench


Included in Box:

  • Flat: #10, #11, #32
  • SAE Hex (inch): 3/32, 7/64, 5/32
  • Torx: T15/ T20
  • Specialty: Leupold/Buehler, Hex to Square Adapter

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The Wheeler Digital F.A.T. Wrench (Firearm Accurizing Torque) brings even more precise torque settings to the handheld torque screwdriver. This amazing digital handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable torque with precision. Equipped with a generous torque adjustment range of 5-100 in-lbs., the Digital F.A.T. Wrench can tackle a wide variety of common gunsmithing tasks. Tightening installing red dot sights, scope rings, bases, and other fasteners to their exact torque specification are all a breeze.
The dual audible and visual indicators tell the user exactly when the desired torque setting has been achieved, safeguarding against over-torqued or broken fasteners. The driver features a magnetized tip to prevent bits from falling out and a textured, rubber over-mold that improves ergonomics and grip while reducing hand strain during high torque applications.
The driver shafts and bits all have a black phosphate coating that prevents rust and corrosion and extends tool life; guaranteeing that your tools will look great for years to come. All the tools are neatly organized and secured in a premium latching hard case that easily stacks on top of other Wheeler screwdriver sets for smart, convenient storage.

Wheeler Digital F.A.T Wrench Features:

  • Torque adjustment range of 5-100 in-lbs covers a wide variety of common gunsmithing tasks. Including low torque red dot sights.
  • LCD screen features live and peak modes for measuring torque
  • Audible and visual indicators when desired torque is reached
  • Rubberized handle improves ergonomics for enhanced comfort and grip, reducing hand strain and fatigue
  • Hollow-ground flat bits create a precise fit to prevent damage to screws and firearms
  • Phosphate coating on bits and shaft prevent rust and corrosion
  • Premium latching hard case organizes and protects contents, keeping them secure nd protected during transport and storage.
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Wheeler® Digital F.A.T. Wrench®Wheeler Digital F.A.T Wrench

Availability: 4 in stock

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