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Z-Man ChatterSpike Lure


Amplify the attraction of your favorite spinnerbaits and bladed jigs, even to the most pressured bass, with the addition of the Z-Man ChatterSpike Lure.

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Z-Man ChatterSpike Lure features a realistic trailer’s pintail shape, segmented body, and V-ridged tail unleashes a baitfish-like motion with effortless quivers and vibration as it swims. Perfectly matched to standard bass-sized bladed jigs, the ChatterSpike won’t overpower and minimize blade vibration like other trailers.

This Z-Man bait proves valuable as both a supreme ChatterBait trailer or versatile swimbait. Soft and durable 10X Tough ElaZtech® material brings the segmented body and tail alive with superior flexibility, matched with the lasting toughness to survive bass battles time and again. Dorsal and ventral hook slots on the Z-Man Chatterspike allow easy weedless rigging.

  • 4.5″ Long
  • Ideal as a trailer on spinnerbaits and bladed jigs
  • Realistic segmented body with pintail shape
  • V-ridged tail produces baitfish-like motion
  • Quivers and vibration as it swims
  • Soft and durable 10X Tough ElaZtech material
  • Dorsal and ventral hook slots for easy weedless rigging

Bluegill, Hot Snakes, Bad Shad, The Deal, Green Pumpkin, Pearl

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