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Hoppe’S .270 Cal/7Mm Phosphor Bronze Gun Brush


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Hoppe’s is the number one brand
in the firearm cleaning industry. They have been making high quality,
innovative cleaning solvents since 1903. Since that time Hoppe’s has led the
pack by constantly offering the finest products available. Their solvents,
lubes, brushes, rods, and the invaluable Boresnake Hoppe’s will keep your firearm
clean and ready for action.

The ins and outs of bore cleaning
perfection. Hoppe’s brushes and swabs mean business. They are merciless on
fouling, easy on your bore. Don’t skimp when it comes to the hardest workers in
your cleaning routine. Insist on Hoppe’s brushes and swabs.

Tynex models will handle most
cleaning jobs and built-in “memory” returns bristles to original
shape. Tynex allows unique scrubbing action for thorough cleaning.


.270 Caliber, 7mm Bores

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