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ION gives you big time 40V power and performance, with none of the hassles of gas or propane. ION is powerful, fast, and re-drills old holes in a smooth and controlled way, making this the perfect auger for a wheelhouse or hole hopping. The 8-inch ION features an all-new 4Ah battery that drills up to 1200 inches of ice on a single charge. Weighs only 22lbs.

ION Features

  • 4AMP Hour, Gen 1 Battery
  • No Gas, No Oil, No Fumes
  • Lightweight
  • 22lbs
  • Centering Ring Bottom (Smoothly re-open frozen homes)
  • Steel Construction
  • Ion Reverse
  • Quiet
  • Planetary Gear Transmission
  • Blade Protector Included