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TFO Taction Bass Spinning Rods


Every Taction Bass series rod is designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising performance and proven durability across a wide range of fishing situations.

Introducing the TFO Taction Bass Spinning Rods. A meticulously crafted series of tournament driven rods specifically designed by professional bass anglers. Whether you’re fishing a $100 entry fee club tournament or at Redcrest for Major League Fishing, the exceptional feel and lightweight design of the Taction Bass series is going to be a rod that you can depend on.

TFO Taction Bass Spinning Rods are Available in:

  • Action: Moderate-Fast to Fast
  • Water: Freshwater
  • Length: 7’0″ – 7’10”
  • Weight: 4.4 oz. – 6.2 oz.



7', 7' 4", 7' 6"


Medium, Medium-Light


Fast, Mod-Fast

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TFO 7' ML TACTION SPINNING RODTFO Taction Bass Spinning Rods
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