Tipton Nope Rope – .22 cal, .223 cal and .556 mm


Treat yourself to a quick and deep clean with our Nope Ropes. These durable, pull-through bore cleaning ropes feature attachable ends that allow continuously cleaning without having to re-feed through the barrel.

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This Tipton Nope Rope fits: .22 cal, .223 cal and .556 mm.  The Nope Ropes will ensure a quick and thorough clean to get you back to what you love faster.

Tipton Nope Rope Key Features:

  • Durable pull-through bore cleaning rope
  • Single Pack
  • Attachable ends allow user to continuously clean without re-feeding end into barrel with each pass
  • Convenient mess-free storage box
  • Say “nope” to carbon, copper, debris, grime and rust
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Tipton Nope RopeTipton Nope Rope – .22 cal, .223 cal and .556 mm

Availability: 8 in stock

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