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Otis Double End 3Pk All Purpose Brushes


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Otis’ All Purpose Receiver
Brushes allow you to choose the right brush for the right project. These
brushes are the elite in cleaning those hard to reach places. They give you the
ability to scrub places where carbon, powder, and copper residue hibernate.
These brushes are available in a variety of different tolerances. The softest
is the nylon bristled brush, followed by a slightly more aggressive blue nylon
bristled brush. The most aggressive of Otis’ All Purpose Receiver Brushes is
the bronze bristled brush.

Combined, these brushes have over
1001 uses. Try these brushes on: firearms, automobile detailing, boats, golf
equipment, battery terminals, camping, grout, jewelry, wood working, RC
hobbies, crafts, and much, much more!

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